IKRAMATIC's first product was a Flight Training Device (FTD) based on Swiss made Pilatus PC-7 trainer aircraft designed to meet FTD Level 7 of FAA Standard. Developed in 2000 for the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF), the system comes with full-sized PC7 cockpit and 5-channel visual system covering 256° x 40° field of view.

  • Five channels visual system covering 265 X 40 degree field of view.
  • High performance image generator.
  • Active Flight Control system based on electrical mototrs.
  • Built around an actual cockpit with look and feel of the actual instruments and switches.
  • Instructor Stations.
  • Full record and playback capability.
  • Compressive malfunction capability.
  • Large training area coverage.
  • Formation flying capability. (Up to 8 aircrafts)
  • Full VFR/IFR capability.

The system is capable of performing wide range of training requirements including basic flying, instrument flying and emergency procedures, with an excellent record of reliability.