Aermacchi MB339-CM Full Mission Simulator

The Full Mission Simulator (FMS) represent true characteristics of MB-339CM by simulating with high fidelity of its performance and aircraft's systems. It was designed to accommodate almost all aspect of the aircraft training requirements including:

  • Cockpit procedural training such as cockpit familiarization and integrated avionics management, standard checklists, VFR and IFR operations, normal and emergency procedures.
  • On-ground and in-flight aircraft handling throughout the flight envelop including aerobatics, stalls, and spins; Air-To-Air Refueling (AAR) tanker vortex and environment wind effects.
  • Navigation procedures training such as VHF and UHF radio communication and ICS.
  • Training in mission oriented operation such as weapon system operation and delivery, A/A and A/G missions with or against network simulation aircraft and Computed Generated Forces (CGF); Night Vision Goggles (NVG) and Electronic Warfare (EW) system operation.

The FMS was build based on combination of proven technologies and Ikramatic's vast experience in components integration. Among advanced features included in the FMS are:

  • Full size MB-339CM aircraft front cockpit with all aircraft systems relevant to pilot.
  • Visual system covering a total field of view of 240° horizontal and 160° vertical.
  • A projection screen of a spherical contoured wall.
  • Customized high-resolution visual databases.
  • High-end PC based simulation computing system.
  • PC based dynamic digital control loading system using electric actuators.
  • PC based I/O interface.
  • PC based digital sound and audio system.
  • Simulated or modified aircraft avonics.
  • G-Seat system.
  • An IOS capable of controlling the simulation environment with variety of training tools such as video monitoring and recording system.
  • A debrief station for post-training evaluation.