Eurocopter AS-355N Ecureuil Flight Training Device

The Flight Training Device (FTD) features a full-sized AS355N aircraft front cockpit on a fixed platform. All the aircraft systems relevant to the pilot are implemented.

  • Instrument, switches and controls are designed to look and feel like the actual.
  • Utilizes active control loading system using electrical servo motors for the cyclic and normal control system for the collective and yaw control.
  • Ergonomically customized Instructor/Debrief Station provides six user friendly interfaces enabling the instructor to have full control of FTD training sessions remotely as well as after-flight debrief. An On-Board IOS provides similar control with added supervision and control aboard the FTD.
  • Comprehensive malfunctions simulation.

The IG features the Rockwell Collins EPX-50 IG, utilizing the unmodified commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technology to provide a cost-effective, software-centric approach to sophisticated graphics rendering.

The Display System comprises an 8-channel direct projection system covering a field-of-vies of 256° horizontal and 80° vertical, including the chin window. Image generated from the IG is sent to high resolution DLP projectors before being projected onto curved spherical screen.

The visual system synthetic environment is fully developed locally by Ikramatic. It contains fifteen (15) high resolution inset databases of major airports in Malaysia. Each inset covers high detailed visual scenes with textures at 1m/texel resolution containing runways, taxiways, roads, lighting system, control towers and geo-specific buildings and features around the airport and its surrounding cities.

Since its delivery in September 2004, Ikramatic provides comprehensive operation and maintenance services on the FTD to date.