PC-7 FTD produced by Ikramatic Systems is designed to conform to FTD Level 7 outline by the FAA. In many aspect system is actually exceed the level 7 criteria. Among others, important features of the system are:

  • Five channels visual system covering 265 X 40 degree field of view.
  • High performance image generator. (Refer to “Image Generator” page)
  • Active Flight Controls system based on electrical motors.
  • Built around an actual cockpit with look and feel of the actual instruments   and switches.
  • Instructor Stations consist of five user friendly monitors which are GUI   Configuration Control, Inside/Outside aircraft’s views, Situation Awareness   Display (with Digital Map), Instruments Repeater and Close Circuit TV.
  • Full Record and Playback capability.
  • Compressive malfunction capability.
  • Large training area coverage.
  • Formation flying capability. (Up to 8 aircraft)
  • Full VFR/IFR capability

The system is designed to suit all spectrum of general flying. Its high fidelity, reliability and easy to maintain/upgrade has satisfied our current user.




ISSB’s first delivered PC-7 Flight Training Device

High resolution and fully textured scene Images