Ikramatic Systems Sdn Bhd was formed in 1998 solely to embark in the development of cost-effective flight simulator system. The idea was highlighted by the founders of the company consisted of a software expert, an electronic engineer and a fighter pilot, realising the importance of such system in modern aviation. They finally decided to pool all resources in transforming this dream into reality. With initial capital of only RM200,000.00, Ikramatic Systems was incorporated with four permanent staff supported by several volunteers.

The development concept was initiated by gaining a precise and detailed understanding of the Royal Malaysian Air Force’s training requirement. With strong support from the Ministry of Defence, the company succesfully completed a proven prototype in less than six months.

Extensive testing on the prototype was done without compromise !

By the middle of July 1999, witnessed by the Minister of Defence, the company has finally pioneered an indigenous development of Flight Training Device (FTD) based on Pilatus PC-7 Advanced Trainer, believed to be the first flight simulator system ever produced by a developing country. In October of the same year, the system was unveiled to the public at Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibitions (LIMA 99) for the first time and has attracted many aircraft operators all over the world.

In August 2000 a contract was awarded to the company to design and develop a PC-7 FTD for the Royal Malaysian Air Force. The system consists of five channels Image Generator covering 256 degree horizontal field of view.

The system was delivered in June 2002, three weeks ahead of schedule. Currently the system is being extensively used by RMAF training college in Alor Star with an excellent record of reliability.

RMAF training college in Alor Star

PC-7 FTD Visual System

In September 2002,another contract was awarded to Ikramatic Systems to develop an FTD of AS355N Accureuil helicopter by the Ministry of Home Affair for Royal Malaysia Police Air Wing. The system consists of eight channels visual system covering a staggering 256 degree horizantal and 80 degree vertical field of views.

The cockpit resembles the actual aircraft and actual instruments representation. The system is believed to be the most  comprehensive simulation of an AS355N Helicopter FTD ever manufactured.

High resolution Visual System

The contract also included the design and
build of a 16,000 sq feet training complex

The system was delivered in September 2004 and is currently serving the Police Air Wing training program.

The six monitors instructor station enable all activities in the cockpit to be monitored remotely

Night flying over the KL Twin Tower

In several purchasing of aircrafts by Malaysian Arm Forces, Ikramatic Systems has been selected by the Ministry of Defence to be the beneficiary in the Offset Programs. This includes the purchase of  PC-7 Mk II aircrafts form Pilatus Aircraft Ltd. by Royal Malaysian Air Force and AS555N Fennec helicopters by Royal Malaysian Navy.

Honorary visit by Tun Dr Mahathir, ex-Prime Minister of Malaysia, at Royal Malaysia Police Air Wing Training Centre, Kuala Lumpur

In recognition of its R&D capabilities, Ikramatic Systems has been awarded the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) Status by Multimedia Development Cooperation in May 2001. The company’s founder and Managing Director,Syed Mohamad Jamil,  has also  been a member of Malaysia Defence Industry Council (MDIC) since 1999.

Today Ikramatic Systems has grown to more than 30 employee mostly skilled professionals with vast experience in computer software, electronic design, mechanical and aeronautical studies.

Ikramatic newly owned plant & office located at Hicom-Glenmarie Industrial Park, Shah Alam

As for the future, Ikramatic is aiming to be a better alternative in providing flight simulator systems for the region and other third world countries to serve their aviation industry’s need. In preparing to be competitive in the global market, the company is undertaking a systematic approach especially in the area of ‘Knowledge Management’ and currently on its way to adopt ISO9000 certification.


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